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If you’re in Royal Lakes, FL, and need a trusted plumber for your plumbing needs, look no further. Our licensed plumbing contractor is here to provide top-notch plumbing services. From water heater installation and repair to drain cleaning and leak inspection, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in both residential and commercial plumbing, ensuring that every homeowner and business owner in Royal Lakes can hire us with confidence.

Our plumbing team is certified and well-equipped to handle a variety of tasks, from fixing clogged drains and leaky pipes to installing faucets and repairing water heaters. We understand that plumbing emergencies can flood your day with stress, so we offer emergency plumbing services to address your urgent needs promptly. At The Greatful Plumber, we take pride in delivering reliable and comprehensive solutions, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Finding a Reliable Plumber in Royal Lakes FL

When it comes to finding a reliable plumber in Royal Lakes, FL, The Greatful Plumber is your premier choice. As certified plumbing contractors, we handle a wide range of plumbing issues and projects, offering the right plumbing solutions and the best plumbers in the area.

From emergency services to plumbing repairs and installations, our team of expert plumbers is well-equipped to address common plumbing problems and complex plumbing projects. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your plumbing system, need assistance with hot water issues, or require drain cleaning and water damage repair, we have you covered.

Our commitment to quality services, customer satisfaction, and professionalism makes us the top choice for all your residential plumbing needs. We work hard to ensure your plumbing projects are handled properly, whether it’s a burst pipe, a plumbing upgrade, or structural damage to your property.

Types of Plumbing Services Offered

The Greatful Plumber offers a comprehensive range of services provided by our team of plumbing experts. Our plumbers offer solutions for various needs, including drain services to keep your plumbing running smoothly. If you’re experiencing issues with your toilet or require water heater repair, our experts can help with efficient and reliable solutions. Whatever your plumbing needs, The Greatful Plumber is here to provide expert assistance and ensure your plumbing systems are in top shape.

Emergency Plumbing Services

The Greatful Plumber offers reliable emergency plumbing services in Royal Lakes, FL. Our certified plumbing contractors are dedicated to resolving plumbing issues swiftly and efficiently. Contact our experienced plumbing experts at The Greatful Plumber for expert solutions, quality services, and peace of mind in times of emergency.

Clog Removal and Drain Repair

Whether it's undertaking remodeling projects or fixing drains, it's essential to consider hiring a contractor experienced in clog removal and drain repair. Clogs and drainage issues can disrupt your project and lead to unforeseen complications. A skilled contractor can efficiently address these problems, ensuring that your remodeling process proceeds smoothly without unexpected disruptions.

Common Plumbing Issues

Common plumbing issues can cause inconvenience and disruptions in your daily life. Clogged drains, leaky pipes, and running toilets are some of the most prevalent problems homeowners face. These issues can waste water, increase utility bills, and potentially lead to water damage. Whether it’s a minor leak or a major clog, addressing common plumbing problems promptly is crucial to maintaining a well-functioning plumbing system and preventing costly repairs down the road. If you encounter such issues, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional plumber to ensure they are properly resolved.

Water Heater Problems

Water heater problems can be a source of great inconvenience in your home. Issues with your water heater can manifest in various ways, such as inconsistent water temperature, strange noises, or no hot water at all. Common problems may include a malfunctioning thermostat, a faulty heating element, sediment buildup, or a leak in the tank. These problems can disrupt your daily routine and affect your comfort. When faced with water heater problems, it's best to consult a professional plumber or technician to diagnose and repair the issue, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of hot water in your home.

Dealing with Water Damage

Addressing water damage is an essential responsibility for homeowners and property managers alike. This damage can arise from numerous origins, including leaks, floods, burst pipes, or natural catastrophes. If not dealt with promptly, it has the potential to inflict structural harm, foster mold development, and pose health threats. Thus, swift action is imperative in mitigating water damage and its associated risks.

To deal with water damage effectively, follow these steps:

Safety First: Ensure that the affected area is safe to enter. Turn off the electricity and wear protective gear if necessary.

Stop the Water Source: Identify and stop the source of water to prevent further damage.

Assess the Damage: Evaluate the extent of the damage and prioritize items to salvage or discard.

Remove Water: Use pumps, vacuums, or buckets to remove standing water.

Dry the Area: Thoroughly dry the affected area using dehumidifiers and fans.

Clean and Disinfect: Clean surfaces and belongings to prevent mold growth and disinfect if needed.

Repair and Restoration: Fix damaged structures, plumbing, and electrical systems. Replace irreparable items.

Mold Prevention: Take steps to prevent mold growth, such as dehumidification and proper ventilation.

Document the Damage: Keep records of the damage, including photos and descriptions, for insurance claims.

Professional Assistance: For severe damage or mold issues, consult professional restoration services.

Dealing with water damage requires quick action to minimize the impact and costs of repairs. Consulting with experts can be beneficial, especially for extensive or hazardous situations.

FAQs about Plumbing Services

Plumbers offer a wide range of services, including fixing leaks, unclogging drains, repairing or replacing pipes, water heater installation and repair, sewer line inspection, and more. They handle both residential and commercial plumbing needs.

You should call a plumber when you encounter plumbing issues such as leaks, low water pressure, clogged drains, malfunctioning water heaters, sewage backups, or when you need plumbing fixtures installed or replaced.

When choosing a plumber, consider their experience, licensing, insurance, reputation, and pricing. You can also ask for referrals from friends or read online reviews to gauge their service quality.

During a plumbing emergency, your initial step should be to promptly close the main water supply to mitigate any further damage. Subsequently, contact an emergency plumber who can quickly evaluate and rectify the problem. This swift response is essential in averting further issues and reducing potential damage.

To prevent common plumbing issues, avoid flushing non-flushable items down the toilet, be mindful of what you put down the garbage disposal, fix leaks promptly, and schedule regular plumbing maintenance.

Detecting a concealed water leak involves observing unusual indicators like an unexplained surge in your water bill, the presence of mold or mildew, water stains on walls or ceilings, and the sound of running water when no fixtures are in operation. Identifying these signs early can help prevent further damage and expensive repairs.

Some minor plumbing repairs can be done as DIY projects, but more complex issues should be handled by a professional plumber to avoid causing further damage.

The cost of plumbing services varies based on the type and scope of the work. Minor repairs or maintenance might be relatively inexpensive, while major projects like pipe replacement or sewer line repair can be more costly.

Yes, reputable plumbers often provide warranties on their workmanship and may offer warranties on parts or fixtures they install. It’s important to discuss this with your plumber before work begins.

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Not only a Greatful plumber but an HONEST one!!  Steve and everyone at this company has been a pleasure to work with.  As a homeowner that values his time and a business owner that values his money, the Greatful Plumber has now become my “go to” plumbing trade.

Obi D.


We upgraded our kitchen and we needed plumbing work. Our kitchen sink faucet looked like it was from the 80s. We went for the farm sink and quartz. The Greatful Plumber came out at the scheduled time to our home in Atlantic Beach. He installed the plumbing for the sink, disposal, dishwasher, pot filler and we moved the refrigerator (the water line needed to be moved) When they were finished, THEY CLEAND UP AFTER THEMSELVES!!

Lesley R.

Downtown, Jacksonville, FL

Steve had helped me with several major issues. Not only does he do a quality job but he also provides creative solutions to help make the work more affordable. He has meet all his projected budgets and timelines, and that dependability helps my business tremendously.

J. S.

Westside, Jacksonville

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